[Autumn 2013] ACCESS e-zine


ACCESS e-zine is a quarterly lifestyle publication written for and by the international community in the Netherlands. The e-zine is published four times a year and aims at enlightening, informing and connecting all international expat readers.

About ACCESS Autumn 2013 e-zine

› Main theme: Dutch architecture

A look at Dutch architecture, as it builds on a legacy of humble dwellings, castles, villas and museums to living on water, all incorporating various schools of design.

A respect for history and heritage through restoration and renovation is evident, as well as pushing the boundaries towards urban modernism and futuristic creations.

We are familiar with many building styles, each from our own cultures, where we have lived or travelled to. We make comparisons with the new and unfamiliar, yet welcoming, environment.

Hospitality is experienced in sharing our commonalities. The people who share these spaces, whether for public or private use, are the heartbeat of a city.

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ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the international community in the Netherlands.

ACCESS is staffed by an enthusiastic team of around 115 volunteers, from more than 35 countries, all of whom are trained and able to provide comprehensive information, advice and support, as well as be empathetic to the experience of internationals.




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