Are you looking for sustainable yoga and fitness products for your daily routine?

Are you looking for sustainable yoga and fitness products for your daily routine?


With the world becoming increasingly more conscious about the environment’s vulnerabilities, it’s becoming more important to exercise responsibly as well.

Who is Samarali?

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Samarali is a young and growing brand of sustainable yoga and lifestyle products. Founded in 2019 by expat Nodira, Samarali’s mission is to enable people to exercise both comfortably and responsibly, keeping a close eye on the environment; from production all the way to your doorstep.

This has been engrained from the get-go - hailing from Uzbekistan; founder Nodira felt motivated from a young age to improve the world we live in. Her company’s catalogue, therefore, boasts a wide variety of colourful, responsibly produced products, ranging from natural cork yoga mats to organic meditation products.


What materials are used?

The naturally renewable material cork finds its way in many of Samarali’s products, as the material regrows on the same tree over a period of time, making it not only comfortable but also in tune with Samarali’s mission. The available cork accessories have all been produced in Portugal, right where the cork itself is grown and processed.

Additionally, the meditation products on offer have been made from both organic cotton and recycled materials, coloured with plant-based colourants, and they get their natural buckwheat filling in the Netherlands to minimise the carbon footprint of transport. The meditation mats themselves have been filled with recycled wool fibres, which otherwise would’ve gone to waste. The new upcoming line of yoga clothing has been made from OEKO-tex certified material. Even when an order comes through, products are packaged using only recycled paper and cardboard.


What does sustainability mean for Samarali?

The need for sustainability goes further than just caring for the environment though; the ethical side of production is high on the list of priorities as well, with Samarali ensuring that the workers in production are paid fair wages and work normal hours.

Waste-reduction is also important: before making the cut, all new products are thoroughly screened for the proper certifications before undergoing a stringent field-test regime by Samarali’s own community of yogis. This is to see whether they are up to par in terms of comfort and quality, and customers can then also be sure their purchase is responsible, reliable, and will be with them for as long as possible. In a society prone to replace rather than repair, it’s good to know longevity is high on the bill as well.

Samarali mats

Give back to society

Lastly, it is Nodira’s intention to give back to the society she came from herself, with the plan of supporting Uzbek orphanages as her company’s journey broadens its horizon. The company’s name seems all but an omen to where their journey is headed though; "Samarali" translates as “fruitful” in Uzbek. A self-fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps!

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