Amsterdam Oost set to become home to a new museum in 2025

Amsterdam Oost set to become home to a new museum in 2025

Art collective Studio Drift has unveiled plans to set up a new museum in Amsterdam Oost from 2025. The artists behind the proposal are known for incredible light installations, sculptures and performances.

Organisers expect 500.000 visitors to new museum in Oost

The organisers behind the new modern art museum have big ambitions. The 8.000 metre-squared space is equal to that of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and the organisers expect to rival it, not just in terms of floor space, but in terms of visitor numbers too. 

Currently, the Stedelijk Museum welcomes around 437.000 visitors per year, and according to DutchNews, the organisers behind Studio Drift’s new museum see their exhibitions being attended by more than half a million. The ambitious plans are set to come to fruition by their planned opening in 2025.

Art collective currently known for their light installations

The co-founders of Studio Drift have vast experience in creating light installations. Co-founders Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta work with their team of 65 people on experimental sculptures and performances too. 

The museum will be housed inside the Van Gendt Hallen which was previously used to build trains and diesel engines. The museum will use a significant part of the complex, but will be accompanied by a number of start-ups, restaurants, bars, sports facilities and office space.

You can see ons of their stunning light installations here:

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