Amazing sunsets as Sahara dust moves over the Netherlands

Amazing sunsets as Sahara dust moves over the Netherlands

If you’re thinking about washing your car or leaving your garden cushions out tonight or tomorrow, you may need to rethink that plan. High up in the atmosphere, Sahara dust is moving over the Netherlands, and with the expected rain tomorrow, some particles may fall to Earth.

Dust from the Sahara

Tonight and tomorrow (April 23 &24), the majority of the Sahara dust in the atmosphere will be right above the Netherlands, being carried by a low-pressure zone moving from Africa to the North over large parts of Europe. Because of this pressure system, a large amount of Sahara dust has found its way into the atmosphere.

Tomorrow, with showers expected, the dust particles may make their way to the ground. And once the rain has dried up, there is a good chance you’ll see a layer of red dust on your garden furniture, windows etc. The Sahara dust won’t bring about too much nuisance though, and may also be the cause of some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the Netherlands

The sky will colour fire red due to the dust particles, which also have a red tint to them. If you manage to capture a gorgeous sunset or sunrise tonight or tomorrow, tag us on Instagram using @IamExpatNL and we may just feature you!

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