7 great Valentine’s Day activities in the Netherlands

7 great Valentine’s Day activities in the Netherlands

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Netherlands with your partner?

Although it's not quite as popular in the Netherlands as it is in some countries, people often use the time around February 14 as a great excuse to go on romantic dates and to try out interesting new activities together.

Special inspiration

Many people will probably find exchanging chocolates or flowers and watching a movie together more than enough, but for those who'd like to come up with something a little bit more special, we can offer some inspiration.

Check out our suggestions for a special couples' day out on Valentine's Day:

Have a meal in style

Few things are as classically romantic as a cosy meal for two. This can be made a bit more special than the standard dinner and drinks with a castle picnic! At De Kasteelhoeve, you can pick up a well-filled basket and a blanket, and settle down together on the castle grounds.

You could also make the most of your time in the Netherlands with a uniquely Dutch experience by combining a high tea with a visit to the famous Royal Delft factory.

Go on a fresh city experience

For the city dwellers, we suggest a romantic carriage ride through the Amsterdam city centre! Sure, it may seem a bit cheesy, but if you’re not going to be a bit mushy on Valentine’s Day, when are you ever?

Speaking of city amour, did you know that Utrecht has repeatedly been called one of the most romantic cities in the Netherlands?

Amble together over the cobble stones, take a tour of the famous Dom tower and catch a restaurant beside the canal.

If you and your partner would rather be comfy and inside, you could also turn your day into an urban pampering experience at a luxury spa.

Join a fun workshop

Those who are into learning and experiencing new things together may be swayed by a fun workshop! In many cities you can find various places that offer a great many classes to suit your interests, such as learning how to make your own chocolate treats, whisky or sushi.

In more remote areas you could try a heraldry workshop. Some companies even have specially trained birds that can deliver the ring at your wedding!

 Try a classy tasting session

For some, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to experience new flavours together. For instance, you could get classy with your loved one at a delicious wine and cheese tasting session!

See the romance of nature

You don’t have to stick to the crowded areas during this time of couple’s outings. Get away from it all and experience some the most gorgeous nature of the Netherlands.

You could, for instance, hop over to the northern islands and go walking in the Wadden Sea. Or go all the way south to Limburg where they offer husky sled rides through the woods.

You can also turn the day into a weekend, and take a trip across the borders!

Go on an adventurous and active couple’s day

Some couples are always on the move and on the lookout for the next adventurous thing. How about seeing the Netherlands from above? Brave the crisp, clear skies with a thrilling hot air balloon ride for two.

For a day of sports you can work up a sweat together, or head out alone and find your potential running partner in love! The Valentijnsloop (Valentine Run) through the Vondelpark in Amsterdam might be just the thing to get your heart racing.

Catch a show or exhibition

Those who value an enriching experience can set out for a day of shared culture in Amsterdam. Learn about the exotic Mata Hari in a performance about her life as a dancer, spy and lover by the Dutch National Ballet.

More up for a funny show? Comedytrain International presents stand-up comedian Nick Thune for deadpan storytelling mixed with one-liners.

During Valentine's, FOAM will be featuring Francesca Woodman, On Being An Angel. It focuses on the iconic American photographer who used her body in striking ways to bring across themes like sexuality and corporality.

What would your ideal Valentine’s Day look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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