5 highlights from this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival

5 highlights from this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival

Every winter, the canals in the Dutch capital are decked out with a huge variety of gorgeous light installations - and this year is no different. The coronavirus pandemic may mean a number of events have had to be cancelled this winter, but the Amsterdam Light Festival continues to grace the streets of Amsterdam

As this year celebrates the 10th edition of the festival, the artworks selected are highlights from previous years - so many will likely look familiar to you. Want to get a taste of what’s happening at this year’s edition of the event? Take a look at some of the top picks below.

Darth Fisher, by Streetart Frankey

This is definitely one for all the Star Wars fans out there. Perched under the Torontobrug on the Amstel, this Darth Vader isn’t so bothered by all that Dark Force drama - he’d much rather enjoy his fishing in peace, thank you very much.


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Ghost Ship, by Biangle Studio

This work of art brings the Flying Dutchman to life, by projecting light onto multiple sprays of water, creating the illusion of an eerie 3D ship. The Ghost Ship installation can be found in the Oosterdok, near the library.

Moonburn, by Stichting Barstow

This year, Stichting Barstow has once again brought the moon to Amsterdam, in the form of a six-metre tall glow-in-the-dark balloon perched in front of the Carre Theatre on the Amstel. The paint used to create this mesmerising effect actually absorbs the light from the sun and reflects it at night - so cool!

1,26 Amsterdam, by Janet Echelman

This 70-metre-long aerial sculpture was first featured in the Amsterdam Light Festival almost 10 years ago. It was created to commemorate the magnitude 8,8 earthquake in Chile on February 27, 2010, which led to the 1,26-microsecond shortening of the Earth’s day.

Bridge of the Rainbow, by Gilbert Moity

Bridge of the Rainbow can be found lighting up a bridge near Alexanderplein (between ARTIS zoo and the Tropenmuseum). Designed by French artist Gilbert Moity, the artwork represents the LGBTQ+ community and symbolises open-mindedness and diversity - something the Dutch capital has always prided itself on.

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