30 percent of Dutch households do not own a car

The Dutch are renowned for their preference for the humble bicycle over the car as the national transport of choice, and new statistics confirm this by showing that many Dutch people are choosing to ditch the car altogether.

According to Statistics Netherlands, three out of every 10 Dutch households do not have a car, and one in 8 Dutch children are growing up in car-less families.

Of those households with access to a vehicle, the vast majority have just one vehicle, with half that amount having 2 or more cars. In total, there are more than 7,7 million cars in the Netherlands.

Cycling is ingrained in the Dutch lifestyle, with extensive cycle paths, parking spots and other facilities encouraging a more active and greener lifestyle. The severe shortage of parking facilities for vehicles in Amsterdam, and other major Dutch cities, only intensifies the attractiveness of the bicycle.

In addition, many Dutch people take advantage of the extensive and well-managed public transport system, which is blessed with only having short-distances to cover.

cycling road

The size, culture, and management of the Netherlands offers great incentives to resist the convenience of the car, and to engage with the Dutch tradition.

Finally, maintaining a car is expensive, especially in the midst of a recession. The cost of fuel, maintainance and parking permits can be prohibitive, even before the actual purchase of a vehicle.

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