Gyms, personal trainers & fitness classes in the Netherlands

Gyms, personal trainers & fitness classes in the Netherlands

Looking for expat-friendly fitness centres or trainers with flexible hours to fit your busy weekly schedule? Whether you prefer personal, one-on-one training or group lessons, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of the finest gyms, certified, professional trainers, premium training studios, top-class fitness courses and workout classes for all budgets:


  • Ultimate Performance Amsterdam is the home of the world’s leading personal trainers. The team at U.P. Amsterdam’s private Rozengracht 207-F gym are experts in body transformation. With a mantra of ‘maximum results, minimum time’, our elite trainers stop at nothing to help you achieve exceptional results and real return on investment.

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  • Discover Omnia, the leading studio of Amsterdam for holistic health and fitness. With a team of highly-qualified trainers who take a personalized approach to your physical and mental well-being, Omnia offers a luxurious and supportive environment to help you achieve your goals. Sign up for a free consultation today.

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  • Join a community of like-minded friendly internationals who like training outdoors and want to improve their quality of life. We train in a fun and challenging style called calisthenics (a form of gymnastics suitable for everyone). You'll get amazing results, improve strength, mobility, build an athletic body and improve your overall health while making new friends and having some fun.

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  • Fitness Zuiver offers a one-of-a-kind combination of fitness and wellness facilities. You can expect the best professional advice and a customized training plan to achieve your fitness goals. After your workout, you are welcome to enjoy our luxurious wellness facilities in the largest spa of Amsterdam. 

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  • SwimEasy is a swimming school for adults in Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Diemen. We offer small, personalized classes with experienced instructors, underwater cameras for immediate feedback, and specialized courses. SwimEasy provides a safe and supportive environment for adults to learn how to swim or improve their skills.

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  • Revitalize yourself with our tailored programs! Get renewed energy and fitness in 3 months. Lose fat, boost confidence, sleep better. Get results, or get your money back. With 10+ years’ experience, we prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Try it today!

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  • Achieve sustainable fitness results with ONE - Human Performance Institute through a holistic journey that includes Training, Nutrition, Lifestyle, a thriving community, and trainers that genuinely care about your health and fitness. Request starting info and discover the power of our proven ONE Method, designed to seamlessly integrate healthier habits into your busy lifestyle.

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  • Discover Tücsi Yoga: Elevate your expat life through invigorating classes and sustainable products. Join our yoga sessions for mind-body wellness, unity with others, and eco-friendly products. Find adventure with enriching retreats and workshops, uniting self and community, fostering positive change. Your path to well-being abroad.

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  • TrainMore

    Formerly a light bulb factory, now includes a next level gym: the iconic Lichttoren in Eindhoven. As soon as you enter this urban fitness playground, you feel like training. Not only do we offer more energy, more workouts, more beats & more advice - we also motivate you to train more by rewarding you with a €1,- discount for every workout! Join now!



  • TrainMore

    You will find TrainMore Blaak on the Blaak in Rotterdam, directly opposite the Markthal. Your urban gym, where you can train quickly and with power. A place with more energy, more beats and more support. Moreover, at TrainMore we motivate you to train more by rewarding you with a €1,- discount for every workout! Join now!

The Hague

  • Hi, I'm Arlène, a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and lifestyle coach. My mission: help you reach fitness goals and create a healthy lifestyle. Ready to get stronger, manage weight, and enjoy fitness in your weekly routine? Join exclusive 1-on-1 sessions in my private gym in The Hague. Customised programs for success. Schedule a free intake assessment and start your journey to a healthier you!

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  • Hi, I’m Shimi. Join me for Yoga and Yoga Therapy in Utrecht. Our tailored yoga sessions use movement, breathing, meditation, relaxation techniques, and other yoga tools to support your well-being. We focus on your individual experience, power, and capacity to find balance and wellness in your life.

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  • TrainMore

    In the heart of Utrecht, directly opposite the Sint Janskerk, there is a special national monument: the Pietas building. There you will find TrainMore. Your urban fitness playground. As soon as you enter this next level gym you feel like training. Not only do we offer more energy, more workouts & more beats - we also motivate you to train more by rewarding you with €1,- discount for every workout! Join now!