The Hague speeds up permits for small renovations

The Hague speeds up permits for small renovations

If you want to turn your Haagse huisje into a dwelling fit for the Queen, you're in luck!

In keeping with its ongoing Red Tape initiative, the Municipality of The Hague has just simplified the application procedure for building permits for residential construction projects (omgevingsvergunning).

Getting a permit for home renovation projects like installing new windows or building a sun lounge used to take 7 to 8 weeks. With the newly streamlined application procedure, in most cases you will be granted your permit within 3 working days.

You can check to see if you need a small building permit or not and apply for one online at Omgevingsloket online (in Dutch).

To apply for a permit, you will need to provide a number of documents:
 A valid ID
 An application form
 Scale drawings (floor plans, facades, cross-sections, details)
 Photos of adjacent buildings or apartments and a list of the construction materials you will use

Permits can now be granted more quickly because the digital application procedure has been shortened. A special team will handle these particular applications and speed up the procedure as much as possible, for example by now providing advice over the phone instead of only by written correspondence. The number of documents required has also been reduced.

More information about small building permits can be found here (in Dutch).

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