The FAQ’s about buy-to-let mortgages

The FAQ’s about buy-to-let mortgages

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Investing in real estate in Amsterdam is very popular. Nowadays, these investments are also accessible for expats. Just like for "standard" expat mortgages, there are a lot of questions about buy-to-let mortgages. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to have a full mortgage on any house and rent it out?

A buy-to-let mortgage normally won't be higher than 70 – 85 percent of the value in rented state. So, you have to pay the remaining 15 – 30 percent yourself, plus purchase costs. However, the value of a house in rented state is lower than in non-rented state. So, you might also have to pay this difference.

Can I use Airbnb to rent out my house?

Whether you can rent out your house on Airbnb depends on the mortgage terms that are applicable to your particular mortgage. Not every mortgage provider uses the same conditions with regards to Airbnb or holiday rentals. Renting out your house using Airbnb is sometimes allowed with normal mortgages, but buy-to-let mortgages are meant for long term renting.

Will I be eligible for a Dutch buy-to-let mortgage (investment mortgage)?

In order to be eligible for a Dutch mortgage (regardless of whether this is a mortgage for your own house or for an investment property), you should have a connection to the Netherlands, such as working and paying your taxes here.

Can I use my current mortgage to buy a rental apartment?

Yes, you can! If you already have a house and mortgage, there are many possibilities. Using your current house and mortgage can sometimes get you a better return on your investment. Discuss your options with financial advisors to see what is possible.

Can I charge any rent I want?

No, not for every house. Sometimes, the rent is capped when the house is not in the liberated zone. Houses like this are called social housing and are bound to a maximum rent. Check if your rental house meets the standards of the points system

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