Average house prices in the Netherlands hit record high

Average house prices in the Netherlands hit record high

Figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Land Registry show that in 2019, for the first time ever, the average price for a house in the Netherlands was more than 300.000 euros.

Average house prices are the highest they’ve ever been

Buying a house in the Netherlands has always been pricey and, unfortunately, it only seems to be getting more expensive. Last year, the average selling price for an existing, owner-occupied home was 308.000 euros in the Netherlands.

This marks the first time since 1995, when the Land Registry began to keep records of average house prices, that the average selling price has topped 300.000. Compared to 2018, the average selling price was higher in 326 municipalities.

The highest selling prices

The highest selling prices can, perhaps unsurprisingly, be found in Noord-Holland. Purchasing a house in this province, which includes the notoriously expensive Amsterdam, will set you back an average of 485.000 euros. In fact, eight out of the 10 most expensive municipalities can be found in Noord-Holland. By contrast, six of the cheapest municipalities are found in Groningen.

Top 10 most expensive and cheapest

The municipality of Bloemendaal, in Noord-Holland, is the most expensive place in regards to house prices, being the only municipality with an average selling price over 800.000 euros. At the other end of the scale, the cheapest municipality is Delfzijl, where the average selling price is 155.100 euros.

  Top 10 most expensive municipalities Price (€)
Top 10 cheapest municipalities
Price (€)
1. Bloemendaal 831.600 Het Hogeland 188.800
2. Blaricum 775.900 Veendam 187.500
3. Laren 768.100 Stadskanaal 185.500
4. Wassenaar 711.300 Heerlen 182.300
5. Rozendaal 667.400 Kerkrade 181.700
6. Heemstede 626.600 Oldambt 175.800
7. Amstelveen 525.200 Den Helder 175.100
8. Gooise Meren 510.200 Brunssum 174.200
9. Ouder-Amstel 494.100 Pekela 161.300
10. Bergen 488.400 Delfzijl 155.100
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Maryse Helbert 09:15 | 20 February 2020

Where was the photo with all the crocuses taken?

minasolanki 09:32 | 20 February 2020

Hi Maryse, this photo was taken in Groningen :).

irozanska 08:46 | 21 February 2020

What does average mean in this case? Are houses the same size? What size it is then?

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Hi irozanska, "average" refers to the price. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Mina