Psychologists, Therapists & Counsellors in Amsterdam

Psychologists, Therapists & Counsellors in Amsterdam

Becoming an expat is a wonderful experience but for many - men or women, adults or children, single or in a relationship / married - migrating and adjusting to expat life comes with emotional difficulties that could lead to loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, alcoholism, sleep disorders and more. 

Apart from mental health problems, expats may also experience self-development or career difficulties (e.g. burnout), relationship problems, trust issues and others that could benefit from professional help.

Here’s a list of expat-friendly counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists in different Dutch cities and online to help you, your friends or your family members who suffer from mental health issues in English and/or other languages.

  • Kühler & Trooster IMH provides mental health care for internationals with a team of psychiatrists and psychologists in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. 

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy while walking outdoors. Face to face sessions are backed up with full online support. Skype as option. Free intake. Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

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  • Functioning Psychology is specialized in Expat Therapy providing Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology therapies and behavioral assessments for individual, couple and children, in English, Spanish and Italian. 

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  • Clint Steenveld is an experienced, native English speaking psychologist working with expats, locals, and in person and via Skype. Working with the conscious and unconscious mind and body, Clint provides guidance to adults, couples, families, adolescents and children through their difficulties and towards their dreams.

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  • Individual, couples and group therapy sessions, specialised in treating anxiety disorders with the Cognitive Behaviour approach and in using psychodrama techniques in a clinical setting and within organisations. Trainings on leadership, communication, on gender stereotypes and gender balance is their speciality (NIP certified).

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  • I am a certified counsellor and coach with many years of experience in academia. I support you in your personal or career difficulties with a warm, intuitive, non-judgemental, gently challenging style. English, Italian. Take a free intake.

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  • On Marianna Kocsany´s Bonding Therapy clients get plenty of insights about their behavioral and mental patterns that led to failed relationships in the past. They gain a new mind- and skill-set that help them to connect with others and settle down in a loving relationship.

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  • Goodman Coaching offers coaching and psychological support to expats based in Amsterdam, for personal or work related issues. Specialized in mid-life transition and self-actualization. Languages: English, French, Dutch.

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  • Most of the problems we bring to therapy are actually coping strategies that once served us but now only seem to hinder our further growth.At Healthy Choices, Sinead Daly offers integrative therapy ( including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and body-based therapy) to uncover and remove these blocks to our happiness and self-actualisation.


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  • I am Inês, a Portuguese and English speaking Psychologist. I create personalized treatments to help people cultivate the person they want to be, and facilitate personal development groups. Contact me for a free 20 minute intake!

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  • Rosalyn Glicklich, PhD, is an American-trained psychologist from NY. She provides individual, group and couples therapy for Expats of all ages and students studying abroad in English and Spanish. She also provides teletherapy.

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  • "Because it is better to build strong children than to repair broken adults". Nadine Coco works as a child & youth psychologist, and is founder of The  Coconut Club; a place for children and adolescents who are going through challenging times, or for those who could benefit from a boost in their self-confidence. She offers psychological, social and emotional guidance in fun and accessible ways.

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  • Stuck in a pattern that leads you nowhere at work or in your life in general? Rapid Transformational Hypno Therapy helps you to find the cause of unwanted behaviour, to recognize these patterns and to break them. RTT then helps reprogram your brain. This will permanently change your thinking and actions so you can live the life you want, the life you deserve.

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  • I provide mental health care for expats in Portuguese and in English. The treatment is conceived towards the patient needs, which may vary in number of sessions and duration. Our theoretical support offers an eclectic approach with a psychodynamic root, focusing on the individual's thoughts about experiences, how they view the world and their relationships.

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  • Do you feel anxious, sad, or depressed? Experiencing other mental issues? Schedule a free and non-committal introductory meeting with our licensed therapists. We're expats ourselves. Costs are partly/fully reimbursed by all Dutch and most foreign healthcare insurers.

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  • Registered therapist, practicing in the areas of Allergy-therapy, Face-Reading and Acupuncture in Amsterdam and Nieuw-Vennep. I use a combination of acupuncture, energy healing, applied kinesiology and N.A.E.T. (Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques) to improve physical health conditions, to raise the energy levels of the body and to help maintain an excellent health! Book your free intake now!

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  • Clinical psychologist Ilse Fernández provides assessment and treatment to adolescents, adults and couples, as well as offering specialised therapy for mothers (pregnancy, prenatal, postnatal, motherhood). Therapy is offered in English, Spanish and Italian. Ilse can assist you in developing skills to manage stress and other challenging emotions, deal with traumatic experiences, overcome life’s toughest challenges.

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