You can’t get a new GP in these four Dutch cities

You can’t get a new GP in these four Dutch cities

According to research from de Volkskrant, the shortage of GPs is so bad that residents in at least four Dutch cities can’t register themselves at any doctor’s practices. Some are put on waiting lists, where they can wait for months before getting a regular physician.

Other cities could face the same fate

As if it isn’t worrying enough that residents in Emmen, Middelburg, Kampen and Enschede can’t register themselves at the GP, 11 other cities may be in line for the same fate soon. It’s quite possible that in Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Vlissingen, Almelo, Goes, Tilburg, Bergen op Zoom, Oss, Den Bosch and Waalwijk the exact same thing could happen.

GPs across the country, of course, have a duty of care for those with acute emergencies. However, finding a practice and a regular GP seems to be almost impossible. What’s more, health insurers and general practitioner organisations only expect the problem to get worse instead of better the coming years.

Searching for new GPs

At least 200 practices, especially those located close to the borders, are intensively searching for new GPs. Last year, a few regions, like Twente, Zeeland and Friesland, tried to recruit new GPs through campaigns. However, according to de Volkskrant, the majority of new GPs recruited only work part-time and don’t want to run a practice.

The role of GPs in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly important in the Dutch healthcare system. The government and health care parties want to take expensive care from hospitals and have it delivered at general practitioner level, as this is more cost-effective. GPs have also taken on extra responsibilities when it comes to youth care and the elderly.

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