What to do when you are coming to the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant?

What to do when you are coming to the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant?


Dutch immigration policy allows companies to quickly and in a straightforward manner recruit people with special skills from outside the European Union. This can be your chance as a non-EU citizen to work and live in the Netherlands as what is referred to as a highly skilled migrant.

When you find a suitable job in the Netherlands, you and your future employer sign an employment contract. Congratulations! If they are a “recognised sponsor,” they file the application for a highly skilled migrant visa and a work permit for you. If everything is in order, you receive your paperwork and you can come to the Netherlands!

Looking for a new job in the Netherlands?

If, however, you are looking for a new job, Payingit International might be able to help; jobs open up in their network too. Or if the company you want to work for is not yet an entity or a sponsor in the Netherlands, they may have a solution. Does this apply to you? Please get in touch with Payingit International.

Payingit International: The whole nine yards

What’s next? Moving abroad can be very daunting. You might be thinking: Where am I going to live? What about health insurance and banking? Do I need to buy a car? The kids??! There is no need to worry though, Payingit International arranges the whole nine yards:

Immigration services

Payingit International is a recognised sponsor with the Dutch Immigration Service (IND), so they can apply for the highly skilled migrant status for you. After you receive IND approval, you can leave for the Netherlands where you can pick up your residence permit at the IND or you can make an appointment with the Expat Center to get everything, like the residence permit, BSN (social security number) and registration, at the same time.

Banking service

Payingit International provides banking support and they can even go with you to the bank of your choice to open an account.


Payingit International knows that having the right home is important in order for you to be comfortable here. Their network of trusted real estate specialists and relocation services can help you find a good place to live.

Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. Expats from outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland must get a health insurance policy within four months of receiving their residence permit, even if they have an existing foreign policy. You can get a discount when buying policies via selected Dutch insurance companies through Payingit International.

Expat tax services

When you move to the Netherlands, you might be confronted with extra costs, so-called extraterritorial costs. To offset those expenses, Payingit International can apply to the Dutch government for the 30% ruling for you.

About Payingit International

Payingit International is very grateful for the confidence their clients place in them! As a result of their growth, they have added new services and they are happy to welcome a new person to their group. Please meet Sjoerd Bazen:

“After twenty years in lots of different disciplines of business, it was not clear whether I could ever bring all those experiences and interests into one role. I really began to wonder! In my job with Payingit International, my civil law, real estate, restructuring, insolvency, and international payroll experiences come together—I help knowledge migrants and expats get to work in the Netherlands.” Sjoerd payingit

“The people at Payingit International are specialists in providing assistance with a personal touch to professionals and knowledge migrants who wish to work and live in the Netherlands. Employment services, complete payroll services, work permits, tax services (30% ruling), banking and housing services, we are here to help! This makes us the one-stop place for immigration and work issues.”

Contact Payingit International now!

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Sjoerd Bazen

After twenty years in lots of different disciplines of business, it was not clear whether I could ever bring all those experiences and interests into one role. I really began...

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GS 11:59 | 19 September 2018

Especiall if you are a high skilled immigrant then you SHOULN'T come to NL. Any promises made to you mean nothing. Remember the 30% rule? Yeah, apparently the government can apply huge changes *retroactively* harming all high skilled expats that came here*for free* to help the Dutch economy and academic environment flourish. And how Dutch government appreciate this? By reducing *retroactively* the duration of the 30% rule from 8 to 5 years. What's next? What's after this "bait and switch"? Simply avoid NL at all costs. It's not to be trusted anymore, Thankfully, there are more countries happy to host us to contribute constructively to their knowledge economy.

MilanPetrovic 09:16 | 29 September 2018

Kudos, all said in above comment is golden. Plus friendly advice from a fellow expat, to answer the question from the title: if you do come to NL as highly skilled, just turn around and go elsewhere!