Payingit International: Helping expats find their footing in the Netherlands

Payingit International: Helping expats find their footing in the Netherlands


You’ve decided to move to the Netherlands, and you have found your dream job. Or maybe you’re still searching for one. But before you start packing your bags, please read this to make sure you are properly prepared.

Arriving in the Netherlands

As a non-EU citizen, the first agency you will have to deal with is the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service). If you are a knowledge migrant, they will grant you knowledge migrant status. You will be notified that you can collect your MVV (Authorisation for Temporary Stay) from the Dutch embassy or consulate where you live. Please note that you have to be granted the MVV before you can leave for the Netherlands.

After arriving in the Netherlands, some things need to be arranged before you can actually start working. For instance, you will need to collect your IND residence card. Your residence card includes your Burger Service Number (BSN); everyone needs one, even EU citizens. For instance, you will need your BSN to open a bank account and set up your health insurance.

Please find more information on the following blog: I am a Knowledge Migrant. How should I act??

Recognised sponsor

Payingit International is acknowledged by the IND as a recognised sponsor. This sounds cool but what does it actually mean? It means the IND officially recognises Payingit as a trustworthy and reliable company that will adhere to the rules and requirements when they hire a knowledge migrant. It also means that the company is able to act as an employer.

Payroll Umbrella services

Sometimes companies - regardless of the IND sponsor issue - can’t employ you directly; a waste of skills and knowledge and a missed job opportunity. In cases like these, Payingit can handle the payroll; thus covering all the possible risks to your employer and you get the job. Find out more about their Payroll Umbrella services.

Okay. This is all very nice, but what effect does this have on me as a knowledge migrant?

It means Payingit can get you set up to work here, that’s what! Here’s what you need to know: If you will be staying in the Netherlands for more than 90 days, you will need to have an MVV and a residence permit. Payingit international can help you with the application process. Since Payingit is a recognised sponsor, they will be able to get you working within 6 or 7 weeks, generally speaking.

30% ruling

Maybe you already know, but the Netherlands has generous tax incentives for highly skilled foreigners such as the 30% ruling. Do you qualify? The 30% ruling is a Dutch tax facility aimed at attracting employees with specific skills or expertise, subject to certain conditions. Applying the ruling has benefits for both employees and employers. Check how it works and what the conditions are.

Your take-home income

You probably don’t want a master’s degree in Dutch tax and pay rules; you just want to know your take-home income. Because Payingit wants to help you out, they have created a handy dandy calculator. Use this calculator to see what your take-home income will be, as well as what the costs will be for the employer if they were using the Payingit International service. Small print: the calculation is an estimate and from it, no rights can be derived, but at least you will have an idea.

Payingit International’s mission

By focusing on clients, offering a user-friendly customer experience, and providing quick responses and turnaround times, Payingit International has become one of the best in the HR services industry. The company consists of a team of experts, acting with integrity and accountability, and committed to the growth and development of their clients. Payingit looks to proactively grow and develop its brand.

Get in touch with Payingit International

Payingit International likes helping clients do business and getting projects up and running in the Netherlands. They do this by helping both employers and employees with their Dutch employment issues. This process takes time, and lots of questions will be asked. In particular, the pre-employment period is really important, and Payingit works hard to make sure that everything that must be done before the client arrives in the Netherlands is done and settled so that everyone can get to work fast.

Residence and work permits, HR issues, tax withholding, or 30% rulings – these are the services Payingit provides. But clients may appreciate them most for making the difficult Dutch rules and legislation easy to understand and providing the solution they asked for! 

Payingit keeps you posted

Because new rules and legislation may apply to you and Payingit specialises in these specific and complex topics, the company suggests that you stay up to date with the latest changes in payroll, immigration services, and employment.

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