Weight Loss Coach: Personalised medical care to lose weight in a safe way

Weight Loss Coach: Personalised medical care to lose weight in a safe way


Did you know that more than one in eight adults in the Netherlands is overweight? That’s a 10 percent increase between 2002 and 2019, according to the European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies (EOHSP). And they estimate that this upward trend may continue.

Lose weight in an effective and safe way with Weight Loss Coach

It’s a cause of concern in the country because obesity can lead to severe health problems, like cardiovascular diseases, an increased risk of some cancers, and diabetes.

The most common reasons contributing to this rise are poor diets, lack of physical activity, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More people have been forced inside their homes, causing bad health habits to form, including excessive snacking or a lack of exercise.

While obesity and overweight issues are preventable, it can be harder for some people to lose weight than others.

The effects of a slow metabolism on weight loss

Studies have shown that having a naturally slow metabolism can cause significant weight gain. However, your metabolism can change over time. Factors such as age, exercise, the type of food you eat, and when you eat can influence your metabolism.

With a sound dieting plan and proper medication, you can quickly increase your metabolism and make it easier to lose weight.

This is exactly what Weight Loss Coach, the newest solution in the Netherlands, can help you achieve. Weight Loss Coach helps people lose weight and get in shape through proper guidance and support. Their personalised medical care helps clients find exactly the right solution to help them lose weight in a way that is safe and effective.

At the touch of a button

Weight Loss Coach comprises a team of doctors specialising in helping people slim down. There is no office, no waiting room, and no hassle. Weight Loss Coach is a new telemedicine startup that operates completely virtually with its members.

The company is founded by Christian Lundstad, who has a history of creating leading telemedical companies such as Mobidoctor, one of Europe’s fastest-growing telehealth companies. Now he wants to bring his experience to change the way people approach weight loss.

Weight Loss Coach professionals are available 24 / 7 with assistance through phone, messaging, and video calls to help their patients get the best care whenever they need it.

What a virtual appointment entails

After taking a simple questionnaire about your health, weight, and goals, Weight Loss Coach connects you to a doctor for a one-on-one video call. After your conversation, they will create a personalised and detailed plan that aligns with your wellness goals. They will also access past medical and family histories to evaluate if your metabolism is getting in the way of losing weight.

According to the EOHSP, adults in the Netherlands are one of the lowest consumers of fruits and vegetables in Europe. The professionals at Weight Loss Coach understand that proper dieting is key to losing weight and will create an eating regime that fits your way of life. They also utilise two approved medications, Semaglutide and Ozempic, for weight loss. These safely and effectively boost the metabolism to burn calories while simultaneously reducing hunger urges.

Achieve your targeted goals

In the first few weeks after starting with Weight Loss Coach, members can see a weight loss of upwards of 10 kilograms. They also trim about seven inches off their waist. Weight Loss Coach’s new telehealth formula has helped nine out of ten members lose anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of their body weight.

Weight Loss Coach has seen a staggering amount of success in such a quick time in countries around Europe. In a survey, 95 percent of their members said they had experienced an improvement in their quality of life. A healthy body also fuels a healthy mind.

Your coach monitors your progress throughout the weight loss process, ensuring you achieve your targeted goals, and will alter treatment if needed.

Quality and honest care

So many weight loss companies have come up with empty promises. They sell their customers new fads that don’t deliver. Weight Loss Coach provides quality and honest care. You meet your coach face to face before you get started, and they are there to answer questions you might have throughout your programme. Weight Loss Coach prescribes their members approved medication backed by their weight loss doctors.

It’s time to start seeing and feeling a difference in weight loss. Visit the Weight Loss Coach website today, sign up, and start seeing proven results.



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