UFODRIVE: The alternative to owning a car in the Netherlands!

UFODRIVE: The alternative to owning a car in the Netherlands!


Forget about having to own a car, signing a 5-year lease contract or renting and ending up with extra insurance you don't need. Be part of the future of mobility: Access is the new ownership!

If you are living and working in a city and do not use a car on a daily basis, you now have a better alternative to ownership: UFODRIVE.


  • On-demand mobility, only when you need / want it.
  • 100% electric cars, zero emissions.
  • 100% digital, premium experience.
  • State-of-the-art electric automotive brands such as Audi, Jaguar and Tesla.

How does it work?

After installing UFODRIVE’s mobile application, simply create your personal account and register the necessary data. Once your account is approved, you have access to a wide range of premium electric vehicles.

Just select the car you want to drive and a specific time window - when the time arrives you can pick up your selected car at your closest UFOBAY.

Receive a €30 discount on your first booking with the voucher code RIAMEXPAT

Active in major Dutch cities

Currently, UFODRIVE is active in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and, later this year, Utrecht. The UFOBAYs are centrally located in covered car parks, with excellent connections to public transport and the highway system. Across Europe, UFODRIVE is also available in a great number of cities, including Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, London, Paris and Vienna.

When picking up your car at the UFOBAY, there is no need to get the car keys and no waiting around for paperwork to be filled out - just open, start and close the car with your smartphone. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The cars are fully charged and professionally cleaned when you pick them up and have no advertisement stickers on the outside!

You pay-as-you-go

No more fixed monthly costs, you pay-as-you-go!

You can book a car by the day - the prices depend on the model you choose. For instance, you can drive a Tesla Model 3 at a starting price of 99 euros per day. This includes 200 free kilometres, insurance and all costs for charging. No more fixed monthly costs, you pay-as-you-go!

Access is the new ownership

The time of having to own a car is over. Access is the new ownership. No long term contracts, no worries about maintenance, repair and depreciation, no monthly charges for a car you use only occasionally, no refuelling before returning the car.

Instead, with UFODRIVE, you have on-demand access to a car, only when you need it, with a zero-emission, premium experience.

Book now

Download the UFODRIVE mobile application in the App Store and / or Google Play Store and create your personal account. Use the voucher code RIAMEXPAT to receive €30 discount on your first booking.



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