Selling your car in the Netherlands: where and how

Selling your car in the Netherlands: where and how

Did you move to the Netherlands with your current car, but now you’re looking to sell it? Maybe you’re eyeing a new one or you figured out that the Dutch public transport system is actually very convenient and reliable?

How to sell your car in the Netherlands

There are different ways to sell your car in the Netherlands. Through customer to customer websites, for example, or you can try an online auction.

In this article we sum up the different ways to sell your car. We also give you an insight into all the administrative matters you have to consider when selling your car in the Netherlands.

Selling your car privately

First of all you can sell your car privately. You can ask your Dutch friends or colleagues if they are looking to buy a car (although this is probably not likely).

Another way of selling your car privately is by advertising it to potential buyers on a customer to customer website, such as or You put an attractive add online with decent pictures and a comprehensive description of your car.

Selling your car privately usually leads to a good price for your car, but can be a very time-consuming activity.

Selling your car to a dealer

Less time-consuming is selling your car to a car dealer. You can trade the car in when buying a new or used car from a dealer, or you can sell it to them outright.

Selling your car to a dealer is a simple and quick process, but you have to be prepared to receive a relatively low offer. The car dealer is looking for a good deal so he can, in his turn, sell your car for a good price and make a profit.

Auctioning your car

Auctioning your car on a website is another fast and convenient way of getting rid of your car. The only thing you have to do is post some pictures on the auctioning website, such as or, and wait for the best offer.

Unfortunately, because there are not always enough bidders, a good offer is not always guaranteed.

Disposing of your car

If your car is almost falling apart and it is uneconomical to maintain it, you can decide to take it to a scrapyard. Your car will get a real graveyard price though, so don’t expect any satisfying offers.

Selling your car to an online car buying site

If you are looking for both convenience and a good offer, you can also sell your car to an online car buying site like After entering your car’s details you will receive an online estimation of your car.

After that you can make an appointment to get an assessment of your car on site. There they will determine the exact value of your car based on age, condition and possible accessories.

This estimation is also the offer that you get for your car. If you accept the offer then you can sell your car straight away.

Settling your administration

In the Netherlands there are a few things you have to take care of when selling your car. First of all, if you have a financed car, you will have to pay off the loan with the bank.

Secondly, you have to make sure that your car’s registration number is registered to the name of the buyer. This is especially important when you are selling your car privately.

This is not a difficult task, but to prevent a fine you must make sure it is done correctly.

To change your car’s registration here's what you need to do: go together with the buyer to an office that is connected to PostNL and arrange the transfer of the registration together with the buyer.

You will then receive the vrijwaringsbewijs, which you will need for cancelling your car insurance.

Good luck

So there you have it! A variety of selling options. Choose the channel that fits you best, don’t forget the paperwork and good luck selling your car!




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mawilbolou 21:22 | 6 July 2023

I find it strange that no one puts a for sale sign in their car window. In the UK almost everyone does it. Is there a reason for this?

Swetha Sharma 16:27 | 16 July 2023

It probably is less useful in NL due to less visibility and less population per village in Netherlands.

Swetha Sharma 16:25 | 16 July 2023

Are there any obligations by law when seliing a car privately to another private person? Like a reflection period or guarantee?