Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam named 2nd most stressful in Europe

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam named 2nd most stressful in Europe

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the biggest airport in the Netherlands for international travel, has been named the second most stressful in Europe, according to a ranking by StressFreeCarRental. 

Most stressful airports in Europe revealed

According to the ranking, the most stressful airport in Europe can be found in France: Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris. The rental service came to that conclusion by comparing five stress-inducing factors: passenger numbers, distance of the airport from the centre of the city, number of flight destinations, car parking changes and departure delays.

Charles-de-Gaulle Airport was crowned number one thanks to the high volume of passengers travelling through it every day, as well as a high departure delay score and comparatively expensive car parking charges. One week of parking at the airport costs passengers 100 euros. 

Amsterdam named as having the second most stressful airport in Europe

The airport in Amsterdam was named as the second most stressful in Europe in large part due to the huge number of destinations to which passengers can travel, estimated by the study to total 260. According to the ranking, the Dutch airport also charges passengers 113,50 euros to park there for a week and is over 19 kilometres away from the capital city.  

The top three was rounded out by Heathrow Airport in London, which has the most expensive parking on the list at a whopping 143 euros for a week’s stay. The airport also boasts a massive - but equally stressful - annual passenger count of around 80 million travellers!

Top 10 most stressful airports in Europe

According to StressFreeCarRental, these are the most stressful airports in Europe:

  • 1. Charles de Gaulle Airport, France
  • 2. Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
  • 3. Heathrow, United Kingdom
  • 4. Rome Airport, Italy
  • 5. Athens Airport, Greece
  • 6. Madrid Airport, Spain
  • 7. Lisbon Airport, Portugal
  • 8. Dublin Airport, Ireland
  • 9. Berlin Airport, Germany
  • 10. Zagreb Airport, Croatia

For more information on the ranking, or how its data was gathered, visit the StressFreeCarRental website.

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