Quote 500: The rich are getting richer in spite of the pandemic

Quote 500: The rich are getting richer in spite of the pandemic

Dutch magazine Quote 500 has released its 2020 list of the richest people in the Netherlands, showing that the combined wealth of the 500 richest people has increased by six billion compared to 2019. 

Quote 500 2020: wealth in times of crisis

In spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the shrinking of economies across the globe, the richest people in the Netherlands have got even richer this year. With a combined wealth of 186 billion euros, the 500 richest people have, according to the magazine, avoided the direct repercussions of the coronavirus crisis. 

The Netherlands now has 38 billionaires, five more than in 2019. However, the magazine notes that, while their combined wealth did increase, 2020 marks the smallest increase since the economic crisis in 2008. 

Of the 500 richest people, more than half (265) saw their wealth increase over the past year. 

The top 5 richest Dutch people

To be eligible for inclusion on the 2020 Quote 500 list, you have to have assets of at least 95 million euros (compared to 88 million in 2019). While John de Mol lost his fourth-place position, he remains the richest Dutch celebrity, with 2,4 billion euros to his name. Other celebrities on the list include Joop van den Ende (1,7 billion) and DJ Tiësto (170 million euros).

The five richest people in the Netherlands are as follows:

  Wealth (euros) Rise/fall vs 2019 Company
1. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken 12,1 billion -14,8 percent Heineken
2. Frits Goldschmeding 4,1 billion -6,8 percent Randstad
3. Gérita and Inge Wessels 3,8 billion +5,6 percent VolkerWessels
4. Karel van Eerd 2,5 billion +8,7 percent Jumbo
5. Arnout Schuijff 2,5 billion +92,3 percent Adyen


Notably, the magazine notices a growing gap between the wealth of those working in the trade, transport or production industries compared to those in the tech industry. Three of 2020’s new billionaires were shareholders in payment company Adyen.

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