Private Dutch lessons anywhere, anytime with Dutch Ready

Private Dutch lessons anywhere, anytime with Dutch Ready


Each year, many expats set out to finally master Dutch to be able to make new friends, understand work meetings, express themselves better or just feel more at home. All are great reasons to get started on getting fluent.

Take a trial lesson for only 15 euros!

Yet this is not without hurdles: group lessons that don’t seem to be the right fit, scheduling conflicts that make it hard to continue, or lack of actual practice during the lessons are a few issues many students run into.

And that’s on top of actually trying to learn the language! Luckily, Dutch Ready has found a solution to all of these issues by offering private, flexible Dutch lessons at home.

With Dutch Ready, lessons are tailor-made, easy to plan or reschedule, and always aimed at exactly what you want to achieve.

Private lessons lead to faster fluency

When you really want to make progress in the gym, you get a personal trainer. The personalised feedback, tailor-made exercises and ability to ask questions means progress is much faster. Yet, with language learning, many people opt for group lessons, where none of this is possible.

That’s why Dutch Ready provides private 1-on-1 lessons. Meaning learning is always at your pace, your level, and will suit your goals, as content can be customised to your situation. On top of that, you can ask all the questions you’d like, and practice directly with someone who knows the language intimately. This makes progress much faster.

Prefer to learn together? For the lovebirds, two-on-one couple lessons are an option as well!

Lessons anytime and anywhere you want

Many expats know Dutch lessons are something they should focus on, but have difficulty fitting them into their already busy schedule. Regularly travelling for work (or if you’re lucky, pleasure) makes this even harder.

With Dutch Ready, you’ll never have this problem. Lessons are planned flexibly, directly with your personal tutor, meaning they’ll always fit your schedule. Prefer lessons in the evenings after work? Or perhaps you study better in the morning? Dutch Ready always has tutors that fit your schedule.

Can’t make it this week? Not to worry, you won’t lag behind. Just continue exactly where you left off next week, at no additional charge. Lack of time is no longer an excuse for not getting fluent!

Lessons take place at home or at the office, meaning you’re always in a comfortable space and don’t need to travel around the city. Hurray for not getting wet in the never-ending rain!

Finding your perfect tutor

In a one-on-one setting, the chemistry between a tutor and a student is very important. That’s why Dutch Ready takes a lot of care to make sure you find exactly the tutor you’re looking for. Someone who will take you by the hand, or someone who is a little more laid back? Perhaps a mix of both? No problem!

See if the match is right in a discounted trial lesson for only 15 euros! And if for some reason they don’t get the match right, you can simply try again with a different tutor, free of charge!

Try it out yourself! Find your perfect tutor and sign up now!



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