Participate in a housing survey for internationals living in the Netherlands

Participate in a housing survey for internationals living in the Netherlands

The International Community Advisory Panel (ICAP) is an initiative set up by four long-standing members of the international community to bridge the gap between the international community and the government’s civic services.

Raise the voice of the international community: take this housing survey

ICAP conducts several surveys per year, aimed at raising the international community’s voice and providing the local government with advice based on real experiences had by internationals. 

Finding a decent place to live can be a huge stumbling block in the Netherlands, not to mention expensive. ICAP, set up to try to improve the dialogue between the international community and city officials, is carrying out a new survey on housing, to identify pitfalls and hopefully to spearhead some new improvements.  

ICAP surveys proved useful in the past

The results of ICAP’s previous survey on housing (in 2017) led Amsterdam city officials to adjust their strategy towards aiding international workers find somewhere to live. It also helped dispel myths about how much expats can afford to pay in rent and revealed the popularity of home ownership.     

Calling on IamExpat readers

A lot has changed since the previous survey. New rules have been brought in to regulate flat sharing for example, and the shortage of affordable housing continues to grow. So this is where IamExpat readers come in.

The more people who take part in ICAP’s 2020 housing survey, the more weight it will have, so please take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire - in complete confidence of course.  

Responses will be collated, anonymised and presented to policymakers in a report. By completing the survey, you’ll be helping ICAP to find out more about how internationals in the Netherlands experience the housing market. Participate in the survey on the ICAP website.



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