Parking price prices in Amsterdam hiked up by 50%

Parking price prices in Amsterdam hiked up by 50%

As of Monday, April 15, those who wish to park in the centre of Amsterdam will have to shell out 7,50 euros per hour, a 50 percent increase from the previous cost of five euros.

Most expensive Dutch city to park in

With this increase, Amsterdam has reinforced its position as the most expensive city to park in, in the whole country. Tariffs in other parts of the city and for parking garages have also increased, with parking garages remaining cheaper than parking on the street.

These parking tariff increases were announced in the coalition agreement and are the first increases in eight years. The city council hopes that these changes will encourage the use of public transport and P+R (Park and Ride) spots at the city’s borders. In addition to parking tariff increases, thousands of parking spots will disappear in the coming period.

What are the parking costs used for?

Annually, the money generated by parking costs in the Dutch capital amounts to around 200 million euros. About 32 million of this is spent on parking checks, however, the majority of the money is spent on improving the road network, the creation of green spaces and play areas.

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