New start-up recruitment agency in Amsterdam

If you’ve joined a study programme here in the Netherlands, you may be looking for a job.

A new kind of recruitment agency

StudiJob, a recruitment agency with close ties to the main universities in Amsterdam like UvA, HvA and VU, has been successfully helping students find jobs, and with the start-up scene on a healthy rise, it seemed logical to launch a branch that specialises in finding students more relevant work with start-ups.

StudiStartupJob, the new StudiJob initiative, began with a collaboration between StartupAmsterdam, a city-sponsored portal that supports start-ups in the capital, and Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), an organisation that offers services, training and grants to new business ventures.

The Launch party

To launch the new start-up recruitment site, the organisers hosted an event February 2 at StartupVillage in the Amsterdam Science Park where students could pitch and present their ideas to start-up accelerator AVE Venture Lab, Vandebron, and Adyen.

An ideal connection

With Amsterdam’s entrepreneur and start-up culture thriving, it seems fitting to give start-ups access to a flexible part-time workforce with no strings attached.

Hiring within a small company can be a trying process, particularly when they seek to recruit highly ambitious and proactive employees who are willing to learn quickly and get stuck in. 

To cut the costs and time of hiring, StudiStartupJob aims to provide a streamlined service so that entrepreneurs have quick access to a part-time workforce without having to worry about work contracts, insurance, sick and holiday pay - all of which will remain the responsibility of the recruitment agency.

With an experienced HR department, the agency aims to find the perfect match for your start-up within a week, and offer a money-back guarantee if they don’t find the right person.

Relevant experience

StudiStartupJobs wants to break the cycle of students having to take side jobs in cafes or restaurants while they study just so they can have an income along with the flexibility of attending lectures.

Instead, the initiative believes that students have the knowledge and ideas that would work tremendously well when placed in a start-up where they can actually start putting their relevant experience into practice and get paid for it.

Additionally, there are over 100.000 active students in Amsterdam alone, who are often interested and positive about entrepreneurship but have difficulty gaining access to start-up contacts. 

Tailored skillsets

So whether you’re looking for creative personnel, someone who can take care of your finances, an IT tech, marking specialist, analyst, or someone who works in operations or tech, StudiStartupJobs can give you access to over 5.000 active workers.

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