The Netherlands to trial rapid and home coronavirus tests

The Netherlands to trial rapid and home coronavirus tests

With many believing that rapid tests and home tests could be key in allowing the country to come out of lockdown, the Netherlands is launching 10 large-scale pilots to determine the usability of the tests. 

The Netherlands piloting rapid and home tests

Extensive research has already shown that these types of coronavirus tests are effective and reliable, and now 10 short-term trials will be used to determine whether their large-scale use is realistic or practical. 

Eight of the 10 pilots will take place at educational institutions in Groningen, Delft, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Rotterdam, while the last two will take place at the fire station at Schiphol Airport and a private company. All trials will be supervised by Dutch hospitals and universities

Home tests could be key for Dutch schools and universities

Research suggests that home testing could be ideal among younger generations, specifically students, as it will allow schools and universities to avoid closing and keep closer tabs on (potential) outbreaks of COVID-19 at their institutions. It will also mean students and teachers can be tested quickly, easily, and regularly. 

One pilot is taking place among 2.500 students from three different secondary schools in Den Bosch. Students will only have to wait only 15 minutes for their result. If it’s positive, they must report it to the GGD and go into quarantine, but if it is negative they can return to school. After two days, they will have to take a second test to confirm that they are covid-free.

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