The Netherlands: A country of commuters

A recent study has revealed that more than 50% of people working in the Netherlands live in a different municipality from their workplace.

The survey, published by Statistics Netherlands, notes that almost 4,5 million Dutch employees commute to their workplaces from other cities or provinces. This means that more than half of all people employed in this country commute as part of their daily work routine.

Regional differences

The survey states that half of the busiest commuter routes in the entire Netherlands lead to Amsterdam. In fact, 21.000 people travel the route between Almere and Amsterdam, with one in six people who work in the capital living elsewhere.

Surprisingly, the small area of Onderbanken has the highest number of commuters, with nine out of 10 of its employees coming from neighbouring districts. On the other hand, only one in four of those who work on the Frisian Islands live elsewhere. 

The study also confirms that those who live in major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are statistically unlikely to commute, compared to those who live in rural areas.

Elzi Lewis


Elzi Lewis

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