Learn to drive in Amsterdam with The Graduate driving school

Learn to drive in Amsterdam with The Graduate driving school


Driving: yes, everyone can! That’s what they believe at The Graduate.

Is this the very first time you are getting behind the wheel? Book a trial class now​​​​

Whether you feel too nervous to even sit behind a wheel, whether you are so afraid of failing you don’t even dare to try learning, whether you sometimes have trouble telling your right from your left or whether you hail from Uzbekistan, Kenya or France, “unusual” students know how to find their way to The Graduate. In fact, off-beat creative multilingual and multicultural types make up a good portion of their learners. 

A driving school catering to all kinds of people

The Graduate is the driving school in Amsterdam, catering to specific needs and all kinds of people.

Saida and her team of instructors not only have years of experience but also specialise in students suffering from fear of driving, who don’t speak Dutch or who believe they are naturally unfit to get a damn driving license. The Graduate works with autistic learners and deaf learners as well.

Friendly and no-nonsense

The Graduate approach is no-nonsense but they approach you like a friend. They are not afraid to tell you fair and square when things go wrong but are always there to warmly support and encourage you. First and foremost, driving classes must be safe, of course, but they must also be enjoyable. Patience, respect, understanding of everyone’s differences, genuine concern for your success and well-being in the car, those are the guiding principles.

The team at The Graduate knows that everyone learns at his or her own pace and in his or her own way. Their aim is, therefore, to guide you in the friendliest manner possible. You always learn better and faster in an environment you trust. So, it is not for nothing that they say that getting your driving license is something you do together.  

Again, at The Graduate, everyone is welcome: students who have just arrived in the Netherlands and know nothing about the apparently unpronounceable language, students learning how to drive at a later age, students for whom driving is just as scary as jumping out of a plane with a parachute, dreamers, deaf students, students with disabilities. Don’t be shy and just go and check them out.

They speak Dutch, English and Arabic fluently as well as a little French. And they teach manual or automatic.

Here's what The Graduate promises (if you stick to the lessons)

Is this the very first time you are getting behind the wheel? Book a trial class now at The Graduate. For one full hour, you will experience what it is like to drive, you will see if you have good chemistry with the instructor and you will be able to determine, with the instructor, what’s the best solution for you. This will cost 39 euros.   

Here is what they promise if you choose to stick with them:

  • Your specially dedicated instructor, who doesn’t change, unless per your request
  • Clear, honest feedback that does not cut corners so that you may improve quickly
  • One-on-one classes in a new and perfectly maintained car
  • As many classes per week as you choose
  • Flexible pick-up and drop-off locations in and around Amsterdam
  • Classes available on Sundays and holidays

What the driving classes entail

During the first classes, you will learn the basics of driving. As soon as you have that under your belt, you will drive around the built-up areas tackling more and more complex, yet low speed (50 km/h max), traffic situations - and Amsterdam is full of them - to develop your looking and anticipation techniques. Once the instructor is sure that your observation and anticipation habits are sharp, you will head to the highway, where every single second and move counts. In the final stages, you will follow the exam routes to prepare you for the test. 

Depending on your needs, you can take one or several classes per week but the lessons are always two hours long. Pick-up and drop-off locations are agreed on between student and instructor beforehand.

They offer individual classes but packages are a better deal. And you can choose a package that includes a half-way mock test. The half-way mock test is exactly like the exam, with an examiner sitting in the car with you, except that they do not decide whether you passed or failed. They will just tell you afterwards what went well and what you still need to work on.

However, if you successfully complete the special driving manoeuvres (three-point turn, rear parking, parallel parking), you will be dispensed from having to do them during the test. So the half-way mock test relieves you of some of the burdens and builds your self-confidence too.

The Graduate packages

Here are the packages, with the rates. Each package includes a one-hour initial assessment of your driving so that you can see, together with the instructor, which package may suit you best.

Advanced Beginner Re-starters Starters
1850,00 euros 2275.00 euros 2700.00 euros
26 hours 36 hours 46 hours
2-hour classes 2-hour classes 2-hour classes
Half-way mock test Half-way mock test Half-way mock test
Driving test      Driving test Driving test

Special classes for autistic or deaf students cost just as much as regular classes. The Graduate doesn't differentiate.

The Graduate is for everyone - book a lesson now!

In short, everyone can graduate from The Graduate, with a driving license, as long as you have the will. They promise this, too! Request a trial lesson now!



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