[Ipsos Survey] Opposition to immigration

45% of 17.601 adults in 23 countries believe that "immigration has generally had a negative impact on their country," according to an international survey by global market research company Ipsos.

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 80% believe that "over the last 5 years, the amount of migrants in their country has increased"
 52% (19%) agree (disagree) that "there are too many immigrants in their country"
 28% (39%) agree (disagree) that immigration is good for their economy
 48% (25%) agree (disagree) that "immigrants in their country have made it more difficult for their country’s people get jobs"
 31% (37%) agree (disagree) that "immigrants make their country a more interesting place to live"
 45% (27%) agree (disagree) that "priority should be given to immigrants with higher education and qualifications who can fill shortages among certain professions"
 51% (18%) agree (disagree) that "immigration has placed too much pressure on public services (such as health, transport and educational services) in their country"


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