The Hague asks young people to be tested for coronavirus to limit spread

The Hague asks young people to be tested for coronavirus to limit spread

The municipality of The Hague is calling on all young people to be tested for the coronavirus in the hopes that it will limit the virus’ spread. 

Raising awareness among young people

A new campaign by the municipality is targeting youngsters, with the aim of raising awareness of the dangers of the coronavirus and changing the attitudes and behaviours of young people. By highlighting the risks of the virus through online and physical ads, The Hague hopes more people will get tested.

“A coronavirus test is free, your grandmother is priceless” is one of the slogans being used as part of the campaign. The ideas and slogans for the campaign were created through a collaboration between the municipality and local young people. In doing so, The Hague hopes the campaign will appeal to the target audience. 

Hilbert Bredemeijer, the council member for education, said: “Fortunately, much more is possible, but the coronavirus has not yet disappeared. This means that we all - both young and old - must continue to abide by the measures. Take responsibility and get tested. It's fast, free, and easy.” Ernst Kuipers, director of the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ), has also highlighted how important it is that younger people get themselves tested for the virus. 

Rising coronavirus infections in the Netherlands

At a press conference on August 6, Prime Minister Mark Rutte highlighted that young people were not sticking to coronavirus measures. The GGD has also voiced concerns about the spread of the virus among young students. 

Together with Health Minister Hugo de Jonge, Rutte revealed new coronavirus measures to target young people specifically in an attempt to prevent a second wave of the virus. At the press conference, Rutte set limits on university introduction weeks.

Since the press conference, there have been a number of outbreaks of the virus among students, including at Erasmus University in Rotterdam where a sorority trip to Greece resulted in 23 students becoming infected. There was also an outbreak among youngsters at a campsite on the island of Terschelling. 

National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) figures show that the number of people under the age of 40 who become infected with the coronavirus is on the rise. Data from August 16 reveals that around half of the new coronavirus cases are among people aged 40 and under.

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