Dutch labour market final evaluation talk dropped from Inburgeringsexamen

Dutch labour market final evaluation talk dropped from Inburgeringsexamen

Due to the lack of examiners and a waiting time of around 15 weeks, the Minister of Social Affairs, Wouter Koolmees, has decided to drop the final evaluation talk, which was part of the orientation of the Dutch labour market section of the Civic Integration Exam (Inburgeringsexamen). The minister has informed the House of Representatives by means of a letter.

Integration in the Netherlands

Many migrants to the Netherlands are required to take the Civic Integration Exam in order to obtain Dutch citizenship or a Dutch residence permit. Migrants who are obliged to pass the Inburgeringsexamen have three years to do so.

There are, of course, other ways to integrate into the Netherlands which are recognised by the Dutch government. Instead of taking the Inburgeringsexamen, you could take the Dutch as a Second Language State Exam (Staatsexamen NT2).

Orientation of the Dutch labour market

The Civic Integration Exam consists of six parts, namely competence in speaking, reading, writing, listening, as well as knowledge of the Dutch society and orientation of the Dutch labour market.

The Minister of Social Affairs has decided to ditch the final evaluation talk, which falls under the orientation of the Dutch labour market section. The reasons behind this are the lack of examiners and the waiting time to take the exam, which had gone up to 15 weeks.

Instead of the final evaluation talk, those sitting the orientation of the Dutch labour market exam will have to prepare a portfolio and prove that they have spent at least 64 hours working on it. A special software programme will be used to ensure that each portfolio is original. The option to have the final evaluation talk instead of handing in a portfolio will still remain.

Koolmees is also looking to see whether those who have already found a job in the Netherlands, but are required to take the Inburgeringsexamen, can be exempted from the orientation of the Dutch labour market section in the future.



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Chetan Goenka 15:08 | 6 February 2018

Hi, I have just registered for my Inburgeringexamen and have my dates for the first 5 exams. The ONA part that has been dropped is applicable for me or not ? Do I have to wait for 4 months for the interview or am I also exempted from the same ?

minasolanki 15:24 | 6 February 2018

Hi Chetan, For the ONA part you will still have to complete a portfolio but the final evaluation talk has been scrapped. Please consult your DUO account for more information specific to your situation. Hope this helps, Many thanks, Mina

BethMassa 20:34 | 6 February 2018

I have passed the entire exam except my portfolio keeps being rejected with the generic "check the manual" feedback. I have been employed in the Netherlands the entire time I have lived here. . I have put in fake job applications to show I know how to do it and I have a cover letter and my resume written in English (which the instructions says is allowed). I'd rather take a verbal exam than continue this roulette wheel of trying to guess what the examiners want from me. Any advice?

minasolanki 09:47 | 7 February 2018

Hi Beth, We would recommend getting in touch with the DUO to see if they can talk through your portfolio with you. Hope this helps! Have a nice day, Mina

Claire Utrecht 13:55 | 7 February 2018

Can you provide additional sources (newspapers, etc, even in Dutch) of this ruling?

minasolanki 13:59 | 7 February 2018

Hi Claire, Please take a look at this article (in Dutch) from the Dutch government: Other newspapers such as NOS, NRC and have also reported on this matter. Hope this helps, Kind regards, Mina

Tanya Suleria 22:43 | 7 February 2018

Hi, I have cleared all my four Staatdexamen B-1 and also KNM. Do I need to do ONA also or I can apply for my passport?

minasolanki 09:39 | 8 February 2018

Hi Tanya, it is only the final examination talk that have been scrapped from ONA- not the section itself. Please consult the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) for more information about naturalisation and the conditions for obtaining a passport. Also visit our page about the Dutch passport: Hope this helps, Mina

Gina Opiniano 23:17 | 7 February 2018

Gladly my first examen was the portfolio. It was the easy one. Just dont get too nervous..

anh.hoang 20:11 | 12 February 2018

Great news but could you please tell me as of when this will be applied?