Dutch House of Representatives supports ban on scooters on the bicycle path

Dutch House of Representatives supports ban on scooters on the bicycle path

Amsterdam already has plans to ban old scooters from its environmental zone, but new support from the majority of the House of Representatives means that Amsterdam, along with other Dutch municipalities, will also be able to prohibit scooters from being driven on cycle paths.

Scooters in the Netherlands

Scooters are particularly popular in the Netherlands and 700.000 are registered. They may reach speeds of 25 kilometres per hour; however, research done in Amsterdam shows that over 80 percent of scooters go above this limit.

The Dutch environmental organisation, Milieudefensie, feels that scooters cause unsafe situations on cycling paths and a great deal of pollution, especially for cyclists who happen to be biking behind them.

According to a survey done by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the majority of Dutch people are also not happy with scooters being allowed to drive on cycle paths, 86 percent were in favour of moving scooters from the bicycle path to the road.

Recently, the Dutch House of Representatives expressed support for a ban on scooters on cycling paths. Now, the Council of State must issue its opinion before the ban can be put in place.

Dutch municipalities to follow suit

Amsterdam plans to remove scooters from cycle paths and relocate them to the road. These plans also include requiring scooter drivers to wear a helmet. Should everything go to plan, the municipality of Amsterdam wants to implement the ban by the middle of next year.

It is up to municipalities to decide whether they want to move scooters to the carriageway in the inner city or not. Still, Amsterdam is not the only municipality looking to implement this ban, Utrecht, The Hague and Eindhoven are looking to follow suit as well. All see scooters as a danger to the ever-busier cycle paths.

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