Dutch city bans scooters from environmental zone

Dutch city bans scooters from environmental zone

As of January 1, 2018, scooters and mopeds, made in or before 2010, will be banned from the environmental zone in Amsterdam.

Scooter / moped owners notified

The environmental zone encompasses the entire inner city of Amsterdam, which can be seen on this map (in Dutch).

Letters sent by the municipality have informed 55.000 scooter and moped owners in and around Amsterdam of its implementation. Additionally, the municipality is advertising on Marktplaats, the Dutch online marketplace, to warn those purchasing old scooters of the new zoning plans.

Registration checkers

Registration checkers have been put up in the city. These signs display whether or not the passing scooter will be permitted in the environmental zone, as of next year.

The checkers have been placed in six locations, namely Michiel de Ruijterkade, Stadshouderkade, Sarphatistraat, Hoofddorpweg, Haarlemmerweg and Weteringschans, and will remain there until December 27, 2017.

In order to ensure that the implementation of the environmental zone goes as smoothly as possible, as well as notifying scooter and moped owners well in advance, those using a prohibited scooter or moped once the ban has been enforced, will receive only a warning.

However, after May 1, 2018, those still driving old scooters in the environmental zone will receive a fine of 90 euros. Enforcement of the zone will be helped by the use of cameras.

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Jonathan Greenwood 21:51 | 2 December 2017

I think they should ban all bikes next. All that CO2 from humans. Disgusting.

Fadi Abouabsi 02:16 | 28 December 2017

Blasphemy, that’s messed up what about electrical