Dutch engineers flood-proof New York city subway

Dutch engineers flood-proof New York city subway

The mastery and art of Dutch water management is respected worldwide. Perhaps unsurprisingly, New York City Transit (NYCT) have called on Dutch engineering firm Arcadis to flood-proof the metropolis’ famous subway system.

Arcadis land NYC subway contract

Dutch engineering and consulting company Arcadis has been called in to help protect New York City’s subway system from future flooding, in a contract worth 26 million dollars.

Following the destruction wrecked by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, NYCT are taking no chances over future storms and environmental disasters, and have sought out some Dutch expertise in their efforts to protect the city’s transport infrastructure from unpredictable weather and water damage.

As part of the deal, Arcadis will design a creative and innovative system that will ensure the metro’s resilience in the future, as well as repair the leftover damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Arcadis’ work will take place in the city’s subway stations and tunnels, as well as in bus depots and public areas.

Hurricane Sandy destruction

In this new role Arcadis will continue the renowned Dutch tradition of developing flood-defences, using the latest innovations in water management technology.

NYCT do not want a repeat of the destruction and disruption of Hurricane Sandy, in which 14 subway tunnels were flooded - at an estimated cost of 50 billion euros.

Future NYC deals

Arcadis are potentially expanding their role in managing water in the Big Apple, with a potential project in the pipeline to secure Lower Manhattan and Wall Street against the risk of hurricanes and flooding.


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