Code yellow: Severe thunderstorms for parts of the Netherlands

Code yellow: Severe thunderstorms for parts of the Netherlands

You’ve probably already noticed that the weather is pretty dreary today; outside literally looks how Monday feels. Well, hold on to your hats as it is set to get worse, with The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) having issued a code yellow from 2pm for all provinces apart from North-Holland, Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and the Wadden Islands.

Thunderstorms approaching the Netherlands

This morning, the west and north of the country already experienced some thunderstorms, but it’s this afternoon and evening which will see severe storms in the middle and south of the Netherlands, according to KNMI. Hail, along with gusts of wind at around 60 – 70kmph and heavy rainfall in a short period of time are expected. It’s possible that more than 20mm of rain will fall!

In the evening, new showers / thunderstorms will reach the Netherlands, affecting the south, middle and west in particular. The rain will carry on unrelentingly through the night with thunderstorms possible in the north and west.

With the storms, traffic and outside activities may be hindered. The KMNI advises avoiding open water and not taking shelter under trees.

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