Changes to NS train services

Changes to NS train services

On December 11, a new NS train timetable came into effect. For many commuters, this will mean a small change to their train departure times, or a shorter layover.

Every year the NS makes minor changes to the train timetable, however, it is only every 10 years that more radical changes are put in place to improve train services throughout the Netherlands.

Data gathered from the OV Chipkaart

Using data collected from the electronic OV-Chipkaart, the NS has taken two years to work out the logistics of the new timetable.

According to the NS, this data has been used to figure out what the most popular train connections are and thereby shorten waiting times, along with improving overall journey times.

Whilst a fraction of commuters may experience delays due to the longer wait times at certain stations, they believe the changes will offer a better service for everyone in the long run.

The data also confirms that the majority of commuters make the same trips on a regular basis.

Most notable changes

The most notable changes are between the following services.

Almere - Schiphol 

There will be four services per hour instead of two.

 The Hague - Eindhoven

Trains will use the fast track, cutting travel time by nine minutes.

 Vlissingen - Rotterdam

Travel between Vlissingen and Rotterdam will take six more minutes because the Intercity will be coming from Zeeland with a longer stopover in Roosendaal. 

NS Train Routes

However, the train will make up for lost time between Zeeland and Brabant, saving about 10 minutes of the overall journey.

 Almere - Utrecht

Travel time will temporarily be five minutes longer in one direction only.


Sprinter trains will connect better with Intercity interchanges, saving up to 15 minutes in travel time.

For specific changes

To find out how your timetable may have been affected, take a moment to look at the new NS schedule.

There are also numerous apps that give you live updates on train times and delays throughout the Netherlands, including the NS Reisplanner app.

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