CBS: Over 20.000 people died of coronavirus in 2020

CBS: Over 20.000 people died of coronavirus in 2020

Figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) have revealed that, in 2020, over 20.000 people died from coronavirus in the Netherlands - almost 9.000 more than the RIVM recorded. 

Over 20.000 coronavirus deaths reported in the Netherlands in 2020

At the end of last year, the RIVM reported that there had been almost 11.500 coronavirus deaths in the Netherlands. However, health experts agreed that the real death toll was likely significantly higher. Provisional figures published by CBS have now shown that the figure at the end of December 2020 stood at around 20.030. Of these, 17.357 were confirmed COVID-19 deaths, while the virus was the suspected cause of death in the remaining 2.673.

The statistics office cites several possible reasons for the difference between their figures and those of the RIVM. According to their report, doctors may have identified coronavirus as the cause of death without an official laboratory test result, or a patient may have been diagnosed with coronavirus without that diagnosis being reported to the GGD. The RIVM’s figures are based on GGD reports, while CBS uses statements of cause of death.

Excess mortality reached 15.000 in 2020

CBS’ report also revealed that during the second wave of the virus - from September 21 to January 3 - 7.600 more deaths occurred than was expected. CBS wholly attributes the excess mortality rate to the pandemic: between these dates, almost 10.000 people are reported to have died from coronavirus. In January, Statistics Netherlands reported that the total excess mortality in 2020 was over 15.000. 

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