Arrived in or left the Netherlands in 2020?

Arrived in or left the Netherlands in 2020?

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A new year has arrived. A lot will remain the same, but there are also a couple of changes. Although we are currently still in a (partial) lockdown, this won’t exempt us from declaring our annual income taxes. Below, you will find a couple of tips to keep in mind when filing your taxes from Blue Umbrella.

Arrived in or left the Netherlands in 2020?

If you arrived in or left the Netherlands in 2020, you will have to fill out a partial residency form. Whether you arrived in January, December or any other month of the year, when filing your 2020 taxes, you will have to use the partial residency form: the so-called M-form.

Unfortunately, filing your 2020 taxes online will not be a possibility, as the Dutch tax office requests that you fill out a paper booklet form (in Dutch). To relieve you from any upcoming tax-filing stress, there are tax service companies that offer you the option to file your tax returns completely online, in plain English.

When to file your taxes?

The general tax filing due date for the 2020 income tax return is May 1, 2021. Please note that when you wish to receive a faster response from the Dutch tax office, you will have to file your income tax return before April 1, 2021. The Dutch Tax Office mentions that you will then receive a response from them before July 1, 2021.

Filing your taxes for previous years

The main rule for filing your taxes for previous years mentions that you can file your income tax returns for the previous five years. This means that in 2021, the oldest income tax return you can file is for the year 2016.

Leaving the Netherlands?

When leaving the Netherlands, you might need to save or request some important documents from the Dutch government. For instance, documents such as your annual income statement (jaaropgave) and the de-registration statement you received when you de-registered yourself with your municipality. If you do not have this document, you can request a copy from the municipality.

Other important documents may also be applicable, such as (a) mortgage statement(s) and a 30% ruling statement. If you do not have the 30% ruling statement in your possession, it is wise to request a copy of the statement from the Dutch tax office. You can request a copy via phone if you call +31 555 385 385 (the English-speaking department of the Dutch tax office).

Registering your bank account number

If you are expecting a refund from the Dutch tax office, be sure to register your bank account number on the website of the Dutch tax office beforehand. Please note that it is only possible to register a Dutch bank account number through DigiD. Registering a foreign bank account number is unfortunately not possible online. You would have to request this via a letter.

Registering your address abroad

It is also wise to make sure your address abroad is registered with the Dutch tax office. Because if you want to file your income tax return and your current address is not registered with the Dutch tax office, your income tax filing may not be accepted by the Dutch tax office. To save you a lot of unnecessary delay and hassle, it is recommended to check with the Dutch tax office if your address abroad is registered.

If you want more information regarding Blue Umbrella’s tax services, please do not hesitate to contact Blue Umbrella!

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