Down to business: Where to look for lockdown support

Down to business: Where to look for lockdown support

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A few months after coronavirus support measures were being wound down, we are back into a partial lockdown and the Dutch government has rolled out more assistance for struggling entrepreneurs. Blue Umbrella explains what kind kind of support you can still get for your business.

Experts believe the most important support for businesses in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, which must currently shut at 5pm, is probably the reimbursement of fixed costs allowance (TVL). This measure for small and medium enterprises, with a loss of more than 30 percent on regular turnover, and provides 100 percent support for fixed costs.

This is an important measure of support for certain companies. It’s not for very small companies, because you need to have at least 3.000 euros in fixed costs each month, and not to be working from a home office, but it is good for bigger entrepreneurs.

The government will reimburse up to 250.000 euros, and the subsidy for the last quarter of 2021 is now available. Entrepreneurs need to have up to 250 employees, be founded before June 30, 2020, and be able to show that turnover is down based on either the last quarter of 2019 or the first one of 2020.

There is a calculator on the government website, and you can check the outcome and simply apply online.

Help NOW

Another ruling that has been extended to the end of December is the temporary emergency bridging measure for sustained employment (NOW), to help companies pay their staffing costs.

This covers up to 85 percent of the salaries of staff, and now includes people on flexible contracts. Again, you need to have suffered a loss (of at least 20 percent compared with your normal income) and the reference month for your wage bill is September 2021.

One relief measure that could help even more businesses is a tax extension, meaning that even if you have not applied before, you have until the end of December 2021 to pay bills such as VAT, the healthcare premium and income tax. Interest will not be applied on any debts you owe for this period, until July 1 next year.


Meanwhile, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has a comprehensive website, in English, listing the current subsidies that might be able to help you.

There is less support than at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, so entrepreneurs need to look carefully for the right subsidy if they need extra help.

Of course, it depends on what kind of business you have. Restaurants have had it really hard, and this type of company really needs the support...but there are other sectors that luckily continue to do really well.

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