Working at Zein: so much more than just a job!

Working at Zein: so much more than just a job!


"Working at Zein offers so much more satisfaction than I imagined 'work' ever would… I look forward to every day!"

Comments like the one above are not unusual at Zein International Childcare, as they make it part of their mission to ensure their staff are just as much part of their family as the children in their care.

Quality staff

At Zein they set the bar high. When they take on new staff, they look for more than people who just "like working with children". They seek out enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who have a passion for teaching, developing and caring for children.

Open minded, emotionally intelligent people who are able to share and deliver the Zein vision and help them truly set the standard in International Childcare.

Unique training programme

All new members of Zein undergo a detailed induction and training programme so that they learn to understand the difference between their approach and that of other organisations where they may have worked in the past.

The Zein Academy's Staff Training Programme is made up of a combination of lectures, interactive workshops and on-the-job application of knowledge. This in-depth programme looks at the specific needs of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) as well as the practical application of the Zein approach in the workplace.

Feedback shows that new staff find the programme interesting and stimulating and that they grow in their pedagogical knowledge and approach as a result.

Zein believes in the concept of lifelong learning, and invests time and energy into ensuring that all their staff feel happy and confident about their role. They are also strong believers in internal growth and regularly promote group teachers to Assistant Manager positions and higher when a suitable opportunity arises.

An international mix

One of the things that sets Zein apart from other childcare providers is the truly international mix of their staff. They believe that the best way to serve their diverse community is by ensuring that the people working for them reflect the same level of diversity themselves.

This approach is about more than just the mother tongue language a colleague may speak, or the passport they hold. It is about their ability to empathise with the experiences and challenges faced by internationally mobile children and families. 

Zein child

Zein teacher

Zein students and staff

It is about their ability to use their own cultural experiences and background to add a richness to the care they provide.

New career opportunities

Finding diverse, committed and highly qualified staff is one of Zein’s top priorities, especially as the company goes from strength to strength - recently winning the FD Gazelle award for the second year in a row and being named as Best Performing Company in the Care Sector in West-Holland.

Due to this continued expansion, Zein has a range of exciting career opportunities available. Take a look at their current vacancies, and if you think one might suit you, or you know of someone who may be interested in working for Zein, get in touch with their HR department today:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 070 326 8263





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