Villa Bloom: Childcare in the holidays

Villa Bloom: Childcare in the holidays


Sign your kids up to summer camp!

Have your kid(s) join Villa Bloom’s NATURE summer camp weeks this summer! 

Screens inside!

Are your kids glued to their screens all day? At Villa Bloom's NATURE summer camp, screens are left inside while the kids spend as much time as possible outside, having fun and discovering everything nature has to offer! 

7 great things about Villa Bloom’s NATURE summer camp 

During Villa Bloom's NATURE summer camp, your kids will:

  • Build huts in the forest
  • Cook outside on a campfire
  • Do yoga at the beach
  • Have a picnic in the dunes
  • Learn a lot about nature
  • Stay in safe surroundings
  • Make new friends 

Your kids' motor skills will improve, their creativity will increase, they will make lots of new friends and they will grow!

Safe boundaries

Adventure within safe boundaries, accompanied by active and devoted pedagogical professionals. This is how your kids will discover the beauty of nature and experience the effect of nature on our senses. Villa Bloom is an officially registered childcare that meets all required safety regulations, which means you can request a childcare allowance.

Villa Bloom NATURE Summer Camp dates

Mark the following dates in your calendar:

  • Week 1 | July 20 – July 24
  • Week 2 | July 27 – July 31
  • Week 3 | August 3 – August 7
  • Week 4 | August 10 –  August 14 
  • Week 5 | August 17 – August 21
  • Week 6 | August 24 – August 28

*daily from 8.30am until 6.30pm.

There are two different age groups: Ages 4-8 and ages 8-12. During the day, an extensive lunch will be provided (sandwiches or warm lunch), as well as healthy and organic snacks. 


Villa Bloom NATURE summer camp will be organised at two Villa Bloom locations; Benoordenhout, Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterlaan 800 in The Hague and Loosduinen, Loosduinse Hoofdstraat 536 in The Hague.

Get a 10% discount

Summer camp costs 87,50 euros per day, with a minimum of three days a week. If you register your child together with a friend, you’ll both get a 10% discount. You may cancel free of charge before June 16.



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