University of Twente student brings an end to itchy jumpers

Noor Veijgen, a student from the University of Twente, has developed a device which could solve problems ranging from itchy jumpers to using touch screens with wet fingers.

Skin friction
The PhD student specialises in the field of tribology which includes the subject of skin friction. During her research she developed the RevoltST, an entirely unique device which is able to measure levels of skin friction with other materials.

Veijgen states that "This new measuring device makes it possible, for example, to compare four hundred and fifty skin friction measurements in terms of skin hydration and skin temperature." All of this within a compact device that weighs less than 250 grammes and can be wirelessly operated.

Industry interest
Though the device is at the moment being used exclusively by researchers, there has been an interest from a number of different industries, particularly the skin care industry, who can use the device to develop personalised recommendations for clients.

In theory, the RevoltST could also be used to aid people in choosing the correct shoe-sock combination so that they do not get blisters, or to help hospitals choose the appropriate bedding material for their patients.

Source: University of Twente

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