Most enterprising Dutch universities announced

Most enterprising Dutch universities announced

The University of Twente has been named the most enterprising Dutch university in the second Valorisation ranking, compiled by ScienceWorks research and consultancy firm and Elsevier.

Valorisation ranking

The valorisation ranking takes the scientific knowledge and research performed in a university and ranks how well this is turned into social and economic benefits.

The ranking itself assess universities on three categories: entrepreneurship, communication and collaboration. Each category is once more gauged on a number of different factors using information provided by the universities and from open sources.

Winners in each category

Each category had a different winner in this year's ranking. The University of Tilburg was the leader in the communication category thanks to it's presence in the media and involvement with public debate.

In the category of collaboration universities were ranked on their cooperation with businesses, and the Eindhoven University of Technology came out on top in this regard.

The final category assessed the level of entrepreneurship in each Dutch university, and here the University of Twente was identified as the outstanding institution.

Projects such as their students' attempt to travel 1000 Km on 1 Litre of fuel or end the problem of itchy jumpers were undoubtedly factors in this selection.

Top 5 Enterprising Dutch Universities

  University of Twente
  Delft University of Technology
  Eindhoven University of Technology
  Wageningen University
  Leiden University

Source: ScienceWorks

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