Netherlands is tempting international graduates to stay

The Netherlands is doing a good job of tempting its international students to stay in the country after their studies, but more could be done, according to Ankur Sharma, president of the Huygens Talent Circle (HUTAC).

The Netherlands is attractive to graduates

The HUTAC recently held a seminar on the Dutch tax system and its effects on students with high potential who study in the Netherlands. The English-speaking, democratic and open-minded society in the country were posited as major factors in tempting international students to stay after their graduation.

The option which allows students who study at universities in the Netherlands to obtain a year-long visa after their graduation in order to find a job was also mentioned as having a positive impact on stopping the brain-drain.

Improvements can be made

Despite this, there is still room for improvement, according HUTAC's president. He says that, "Dutch government agencies should try to simplify certain processes and make them better accessible to international students. Especially those related to visa applications, employment and self-employment opportunities in the Netherlands."

Further to this, Sharma believes that accessibility to learning the Dutch language should be improved too.

He suggests that more options should be provided in the form of classes or even a Dutch-buddy system.

Nuffic & HUTAC

Nuffic is an organisation dedicated to the international co-operation of higher education in the Netherlands. They support the HUTAC in providing possibilities for networking and learning to make it easier for international students to live and work in the Netherlands.

Source: Nuffic

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