Tuition fees increase for those slow to finish studies

Due to a recent change in Dutch law, students paying statutory tuition fees who take more than one extra year to finish their programme will see their fees increase by 3.063 euros from 2012-2013 onwards.

This fee increase only applies to students paying the Netherlands' statutory tuition fees. These fees apply to most EU / EEA students, and do not apply to students who:

 do not have the EU / EEA, Swiss or Suriname nationality

 do not live in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, or some regions of Germany (namely North Rhine Westfalia, Lower Saxony or Bremen) during their enrolment

 want to pursue a second bachelor's or master's degree but have already obtained a degree from a government-funded Dutch university or university of applied sciences (hogeschool) since September 1, 1991

 are enrolled in a privately funded master's programme

After the standard number of years set to finish a programme, both bachelor and master students are granted one extra year to complete that programme while paying the normal tuition fee. Students who do not finish their programme within this time frame will now pay a higher tuition fee.

Source: Utrecht University

Carly Blair


Carly Blair



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