No more “smoesjes”: Learn Dutch with Centre Français-Néerlandais

No more “smoesjes”: Learn Dutch with Centre Français-Néerlandais


Why would you learn Dutch when it is possible to communicate with (almost) everyone in English here in the Netherlands? Why try to speak Dutch when no one seems to be patient enough to try to understand you? Well, one good reason to learn Dutch is that multilingualism offers many obvious benefits beside the social benefit of being able to speak to many people, says Centre Français-Néerlandais.

Start speaking Dutch with Centre Français-Néerlandais

Lifelong benefits

When you learn another language, you train your brain to be sharper and get even more cognitive skills. This is something you can benefit from throughout your life, at work, during your hobbies and at home. Even when you choose to move on to another country after a few years, you can still use those benefits; learning a new language will be much easier.

Waalse Kerk

Total immersion

When you’re learning a new language, your brain first tries to get you back to your mother tongue (or the language you’re most comfortable with) because it’s an easier way to communicate. Therefore, you need to keep your inner voice away and dive fully into the new language you’ve chosen.

This is why Centre Français-Néerlandais is convinced that learning a new language needs immersion and why all of the centre’s courses are 100 percent Dutch spoken. Soon you’ll find yourself speaking Dutch with other students in everyday situations. This will activate the skills you already possess and will help you get more confident in your Dutch-speaking abilities.

Experienced teachers

All of Centre Français-Néerlandais’ teachers are experienced Dutch natives who understand the specific needs and difficulties of expats. They are also able to help you find around local Dutch culture.

Centre Français-Néerlandais

Centre Français-Néerlandais’ Dutch courses

Time to start a Dutch course to boost your social life, your resumé and more? The Centre Français-Néerlandais offers weekly Dutch courses at various levels, with special attention to francophones, but, of course, also suitable for non-French speakers. They will help you get the self-confidence you need to be able to communicate in Dutch. The centre also offers tailor-made courses, online courses, in-company or at their site.    

Contact Centre Français-Néerlandais

The courses of Centre Français-Néerlandais take place next to the beautiful and quiet Walloon church in the heart of Amsterdam; a historical and peaceful place in Amsterdam to learn the Dutch language and culture. 

Do you want to know more about Centre Français-Néerlandais’ courses? You can find all the information on their website. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact them at [email protected].   



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