Make Dutch your next language with DiscoverinDutch

Make Dutch your next language with DiscoverinDutch


Only when you speak Dutch will you be able to integrate effectively in the Netherlands and get the most out of your day-to-day experiences. Speaking Dutch will literally transform your life and make you feel a part of society. Students learning Dutch online with DiscoverinDutch, recently rated the institute an average satisfaction score of 9.0!

Learn Dutch quickly and effectively with DiscoverinDutch!

For the past six years, DiscoverinDutch has been working under the Blik op Werk government certification, offering language and integration classes for people who want to learn Dutch. Their online classes take place in a virtual (online) classroom, allowing students to have face-to-face connection with their very able and experienced teachers. Most of their students live in the Netherlands, but since they now use the Digital Classrooms, people living outside of the Netherlands are also joining the programme.

Learn Dutch as a second language with DiscoverinDutch

From absolute beginners to advanced learners, DiscoverinDutch provides all the tools you need to fully experience Dutch society. They offer intensive language and integration classes in small groups with certified and highly motivated teachers, including the completion of the 64 hours of ONA and preparation for all Integration and NT2 exams.

DiscoverinDutch anticipates the changing language requirements of the new integration law and has long recognised that language level B1 is the minimum for functioning in the Dutch society in a satisfying way.

Students rate DiscoverinDutch a 9.0 out of 10!

One of the things students most appreciate when they join DiscoverinDutch is that class sizes are restricted to create the optimal learning environment, ensuring maximum one-on-one time with the teacher. In the recent government satisfaction survey, students rated DiscoverinDutch with an average of 9.0! All the teachers are extremely dedicated to spreading the Dutch language, and it’s their passion that sets DiscoverinDutch courses apart.

Clients from almost 100 different countries

DiscoverinDutch aims to offer courses to people from every country and since the start of their school in 2015, they have had students from 89 countries as clients. The common dominator is that most of them speak English (often as a second language) and they all have a high school, or higher education background.

Pass state integration exams

DiscoverinDutch is focused on helping students pass state exams in the shortest amount of time possible, as well as ONA, which is a compulsory component for the integration exam procedure. Courses include preparation for the:

  • Civic Integration Exam (A2)
  • State Exam NT2 I (B1)
  • State Exam NT2 II (B2)
  • ONA (Orientation for the Dutch Labour Market)

Finance your tuition

Worried about the cost? DiscoverinDutch is a Blik op Werk accredited school, which means it has a government certification that allows them to cater to students who want to finance their tuition fees with a DUO loan.

Contact DiscoverinDutch today!

If you have any queries, head to the DiscoverinDutch website and fill out the contact form, and they will get back to you with more information. You can also call or WhatsApp Sieger Timmerman on +31 (0)6 13 05 44 90 or Robert Pelgrim on +31 (0)6 20 91 24 04.



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