Kickstart your Chinese language learning!

Kickstart your Chinese language learning!


If your company does business with China, or you are planning a holiday there, consider learning the basics of the language. Not only can this help you communicate better with your Chinese colleagues or friends, it can also help you immerse yourself into the culture in a unique way and enrich your travel or business experience. There is no better way to learn about a people and their way of life than to learn something of the language.

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Communicating in Chinese Level I, II and III 

Kickstart School introduces "Communicating in Chinese Level I, II and III. These introductory courses are designed for beginners and taught in English, but are suitable for both Dutch nationals and expats. Students learn in a small group environment using a textbook (Integrated Chinese Volume 1), with extra practice materials and exercises on Kickstart's online learning platform, KickstartNet.

Instructor Xiyu Wang learned how to teach Chinese when she realised that if she wanted her children to speak her native language, she was going to have to teach it to them herself. Now, she teaches it professionally and enjoys having the opportunity to share her language and culture with others. Xiyu explains that the course is suitable for all types of learners.

A solid foundation

The focus is on building a solid foundation in Mandarin Chinese for anyone, from those who are simply curious about Chinese to those who intend to further their Chinese studies. Integral to the course is understanding of culture, exploration of grammar and frequently used vocabulary, and functional communication.


Xiyu uses pinyin – the common method of spelling out Chinese sounds using the English alphabet – to help make pronunciation easy to learn. Once the link between sound and character is made, says Xiyu, students will be able to pronounce Chinese like a native speaker.

24 hours

After 24 hours of Chinese instruction at Kickstart School, you will:

  • Have a good grasp of pronunciation and the tonal system
  • Know about pinyin
  • Be able to recognise Basic characters
  • Have an idea of how to build up and write a character
  • Have an idea of the basic grammar
  • Be able to tell Chinese speakers about family relations and tell your age
  • Be able to make appointments with people (time, clock, numbers, days, months)
  • Know how to meet and greet Chinese speakers
  • Be able to ask the price in shops, talk about money, and count

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Contact Kickstart to find out how to get started on your Chinese language journey. They can also provide tailor-made (in-)company Chinese training for individuals and groups. Prices can be obtained at your request.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, sign up for a course (or two), and let Kickstart take you further with your Dutch, English, or Chinese language learning!

Not interested in Chinese?

Kickstart School is also here for your Dutch and English learning needs! They offer Dutch and English courses at all levels for both adults and children in general language, communication, business, and exam preparation. No time for a course? Call about booking a private tutor who can work with your schedule needs! 



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