JetLearn: Europe’s most trusted coding and robotics academy for kids

JetLearn: Europe’s most trusted coding and robotics academy for kids


The last decade has been the decade of software eating the world.” - Marc Andreessen, co-founder of famed Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and inventor of the web browser.

Uber now does more taxi rides than all the global taxi companies combined. Airbnb has more rooms on its platform than the biggest hotel chains combined. Zoom hosts more conversations than the biggest global telecom companies like Vodafone and T-Mobile. And surprisingly, Uber, Airbnb and Zoom did not exist even a decade ago!

How did these companies disrupt decades-old industries and monopolies in such a short time? The answer is by leveraging technology. And who will build these technologies of the future? The school-going children of today!

JetLearn: preparing children for the future

So, how do we empower our children to be creators of the future (vs. just being consumers of technology)? How do we ensure the foundation of an ethical and equitable future? By helping our children develop 21st-century skills and leverage technology as a new superpower!

JetLearn, an Amsterdam-based ed-tech startup, provides live one-on-one coding and robotics classes to kids of age 6-16 years from 20+ countries. With teachers possessing relevant computer science degrees and an inspirational teaching presence, JetLearn aims to empower one million kids to become the creators of tomorrow.

What makes JetLearn the best?

Here are just a few reasons why JetLearn is so effective.

  • JetLearn has partnered with universities and schools like INSEAD, International University of Leiden and International School of Delft to provide future-readiness technology bootcamps for young learners.
  • The curriculum and pace is personalised to ensure a fun learning experience for every learner.
  • JetLearn students are learning to build amazing games, apps and websites.
  • They make learning fun by organising community events, competitions, hackathons and more.
  • JetLearn has partnered with corporates like Shell and Barclays to build awareness around the importance of learning to code for kids at an early age.
  • With happy learners from 20+ countries, JetLearn is most trusted by expat parents.
  • JetLearn student Sana Khan Tiwary from the USA has won the Silicon Valley Coding Hackathon. She also bagged the international Lego League Championship this year.

Listen to what Sana Khan Tiwary, Silicon Valley Hackathon winner, has to say about JetLearn:

Free trial coding class for IamExpat community members

JetLearn is offering one free trial coding class and 10 percent off upon subscribing for three months to all IamExpat community members. Mention "IamExpat" while filling out the sign-up form to claim the offer.



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