How coding can help your child excel

How coding can help your child excel

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Coding is not just about earning potential and job security. It is about crucial life skills kids develop as they learn to code. JetLearn explains.

Like many other parents, you may think coding is just a technical skill, but it's a lot more than that. Studies show that coding can improve brain parts associated with problem-solving, spatial thinking and working memory. If we want our kids to excel in school life, then learning to code is a must.

"Coding is today's language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead of consumers of computer science" ~ Maria Klaw

Computer Scientist Maria Klaw was right. Coding is a practical skill in this digital world that allows kids to interact in new ways with their digital world and become creators. Not only this, but several studies also show that children who learn to code can perform better in school life.

But how does it help? Is teaching young children to write code even more beneficial? The answer is yes! Let us take a look at how.

Coding teaches you to create

Our children's exposure to endless sources of entertainment helps them learn to consume nonstop. Exposure to coding will make them creators rather than just consumers.

"Programming teaches you how to think" ~ Steve Jobs

Coding is not just writing lines of code but thinking of many different approaches to achieve your goal. It is full of challenges. The coding process is similar to a puzzle, where your kids can exercise their creativity and innovation to make the code work. Encourage your kids to code by showing them how famous games such as PUBG, Minecraft and Fortnite are all made by lines of code.

There are various online platforms that can help your child build small games, apps and websites that can bring joy and fun into their lives.

Coding develops "soft skills"

Coding is not just about earning potential and job security. It is about crucial life skills kids develop as they learn to code. Coding helps kids develop crucial soft skills that they can apply to many other facets of their lives. Kids who create games, apps, and websites are often excited about sharing their creations with friends, further developing their interpersonal and public speaking skills.

The coding process is often challenging - your code might not work on the first go, but patience and perseverance help the kids solve complex problems. Learning to code can be an exciting endeavour in itself and is also very educational for assisting children in developing essential soft skills.

Coding can improve your child's academic performance

Maths is a core part of programming, and one of the fundamental skills required in excelling at maths is logic. While coding, every action and reaction must be foreseen, analysed, and have a solution. This advanced form of applying logic is fundamental to coding - just as essential as it is in the field of mathematics.

Kids who learn to code and make games are not thinking about where to apply the formula. They are navigating algorithms and using logic to figure out how to make an avatar in the game walk, which automatically sharpens their maths skills.

Coding prepares for the future!

If we want our children to have a bright future, it's important to teach them coding skills. Many people think that the only reason to learn to code is to become a programmer, but that's not true! Coding skills will be useful for many aspects of their future lives. The decisions we make today will affect our children's future.

It's important to start early and let the magic of compounding do its work. Take the first step now to empower your children to create a brighter tomorrow!

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