How to make the most of your professional development with BMGI

How to make the most of your professional development with BMGI


BMGI offers professional training programs that are designed for employees of all levels, from team members to executives. They provide dozens of courses and more than 80 modules that you can access for free.

Learning for interest is fun - we all like learning something new or being cleverer than the next person. But, if you’re serious about your learning having an impact on your career, or your organization having the best people for the job, then there are a few more elements that are important to consider. Here’s how you can make the most of your investment in professional development.

Select skills that give you opportunities in the business market

When you first enter the professional world, a general knowledge of business, operations and financial management is essential.

There are many degrees you can gain that give you a fantastic grounding for the world of business. But, as you progress through your career, the best leaders have something that differentiates them from the crowd. They build their applied skills and knowledge in new areas that can take their business grounding to a whole new level.

The business world is moving faster than ever before and agility is key. Skills currently in demand in the increasingly fast-changing business landscape include strategy creation and execution, service and process innovation, data analytics, change leadership and business transformation.

With these skills under your hat, you are sure to carve out new opportunities in your career or business!

Look for experiential learning for improved knowledge retention and application

Science tells us that adults learn differently than children. Our attention spans, the way we process information and the way we remember things are different.

That means that training needs to be tailored to account for all aspects of adult learning.

Learning can be defined as the change in behavior brought about by an experience. Today our access to information - online, management books and open education - is larger and less expensive than we ever imagined.

However, knowledge is only useful if it can be retained and applied, and it affects the way we work for the better.


Unlike more academic training focused only on theory, BMGI believes in the importance of teaching practical methodologies, using adult learning principles that can be repeated time and time again.

BMGI makes sure that people know how to actually apply the skills and techniques for business management and improvement.

Ensure you are getting expert instruction and support

An important part of the learning experience is having an instructor with on-the-ground experience. BMGI’s expert instructors are trained in coaching and mentoring and each have more than 20 years of experience in practical improvement, innovation and problem solving.

Support also extends beyond the classroom into mentoring and coaching on projects, ensuring professionals are supported in their development from start to finish.

Because professionals are often juggling many things at once, courses are designed for busy schedules, providing online, classroom and customized hybrid blends.

Partner with BMGI for your professional training

No matter what level of training, BMGI’s unique and globally recognized training and certification programs are not just about getting a piece of paper. Focused on building your capabilities, they are about helping you deliver results and optimize improvements.

BMGI’s certifications are recognized by several accredited institutions and more than 300 global corporations. Whether you’re an individual looking to advance your career or a business looking to insource more advanced capabilities, BMGI is your perfect partner.

Select from a range of training delivery options to suit your needs, from bespoke group training courses to online learning and public training classes.

Upcoming BMGI courses in the Netherlands:
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